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Great plants to grow for delicious salads
There is such a vast variety of easy to grow plants, rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and protein that can create eye-catching, nutritious salads. Salads served daily are valuable to our well-being, particularly in warm weather when the body craves...

Licorice, for flavour, health benefits and crop potential
Licorice contains a unique substance called glycyrrhizin, by analysis found to be 50 times sweeter than refined sugar. It is detectable if only one drop is added to 15,000 drops of pure water. The glycyrrhizin has no kilojoules, but the natural licorice root (from which the glycyrrhizin comes) does contain a few kilojoules due to the presence of a very small amount of dextrose (1.4%) and sucrose (3.2%). Due to its sweetness...

King of Bitters
King of Bitters, also called Andrographis, is a traditional Chinese, Southeast Asian and Indian herb, and used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. The herb has been revered for treating infectious diseases and highly regarded also as having a preventative effect from many diseases, due to its powerful immune strengthening benefits...

Chia, crop potential and uses
The calcium content of chia seed is 5 times that of milk. Enzymes in chia, act as catalysts to aid the digestion of food. Chia seeds contain the trace mineral strontium, which acts as a catalyst in the assimilation of protein and production of energy...
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