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Gut Feelings

by Dr Peter Baratosy
A5 size ring bound book

Gut Feelings by Dr. Peter Baratosy

Gut Feelings

by Dr Peter Baratosy

book excerpt

"There are no difficult cases, only difficult patients." Zhou Jian Ling

I am a clinician. I see hundreds of patients a week and from that experience I can say that there is an extra-ordinary number of people in the community that complain of some form of Gastrointestinal (GI) problem.

Symptoms include:- abdominal pain and cramping, bloating, a feeling of fullness, constipation, diarrhoea, or even alternating between the two, heart-bum, burping and farting and a vague non -specific feeling of general discomfort. Many of these conditions are referred to as "functional" because, when investigated, no anatomical cause can be found. In many cases it is attributed to a "psychological" basis.

Under the heading of Gastrointestinal problems we could also include Liver and Gall Bladder problems. Here I am not just talking about classic disease, as understood by the orthodoxy, such as Hepatitis, or Gall Stones; but functional problems, as understood by the more alternative side of medicine. This would include such problems as "liver toxicity" which can produce a wide variety of symptoms, including skin problems, pruritus, eczema, allergies, hay fever, food sensitivities, weight problems, fatigue, constipation. etc. The full list of problems will be discussed in the liver section.

On average, most of these patients have been to their local doctor and have either been referred to a physician or seen a Gastroenterologist. Most have had an Endoscopy and / or a Colonoscopy, were told all is normal and yet, were still put on either an anti-acid drug or an anti-spasmodic or may-be, even an anti-depressant!

To be fair, many times the diagnosis of a functional problem is made by exclusion of serious pathology: so it is important to look. If serious pathology is found, such as an ulcer, or polyp, or tumour, etc then at least they can give a definite diagnosis. The treatment? Well, that is another matter!

I will not tell people NOT to go down the conventional medicine pathway. I am giving information so that people will have more knowledge, then perhaps they will research the matter further and then decide for themselves what their course of action will be. The law says that people must make an informed choice about any treatment. So to be able to make an informed choice they must have knowledge. Hopefully, this book will be a part of that.


Introduction 1
The Gastro-Intestinal Tract 7
Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue 11
Signs and Symptoms 15
Burping 16
Acid Problems 18
Reflux 23
Digestive Enzymes 24
Lower GI Problems 31
Farting 31
Constipation 32
Diarrhoea 34
Lactose Intolerance 35
Dysbiosis 38
Candidiasis 40
Nilstat 41
Helicobacter pylori 43
Testing for Dysbiosis 46
Probiotics 47
Prebiotics 50
Leaky Gut Syndrome 51
What causes Leaky Gut Syndrome? 52
Testing for Leaky Gut Syndrome 57
Treating Leaky Gut Syndrome 57
Glutamine 58
Zinc 59
Slippery Elm Bark 59
Molecular Mimicry 61
Ankylosing Spondylitis 62
Rheumatoid Arthritis 62
Multiple Sclerosis 63
Diabetes Type 1 64
Autism 64
Coeliac Disease 67
Gluten Intolerance 68
Inflammatory Bowel Disease 70
Ulcerative Colitis 70
Crohn's Disease 70
Causes 71
Treatment of IBD 73
Diet 73
Fish Oil 74
Glutamine 75
Probiotics 75
Herbs 76
The Liver 77
Phase 1 79
Phase 2 81
Signs and Symptoms of Liver Problems 83
Liver Testing 84
Causes of Liver Damage 86
The Fatty Liver 86
Hepatitis 87
Treatment 88
Glutathione 90
St Mary's Thistle 91
Naringin 92
Calcium d Glucurate 92
Indole 3 Carbinole 93
Traditional Chinese Medicine 94
Bile and the Gall Bladder 96
Gall Stones 97
Treatment 101
Herbs 102
Investigation 103
Post Cholecystectomy Syndrome 104
Surgery 105
Gall Stone Dissolution 105
The Gall Bladder Flush 106
Food Allergies 107
Summary 109
References 110

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