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Herbs and Health with Hilde Hemmes
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Herbs and Health with Hilde Hemmes

Herbs and Health with Hilde Hemmes

(113 pages, nearly A4 size)

from the back cover
"The healthy have many wishes,
the sick have only one."

Renowned author and herbalist Hilde Hemmes shows you how to harness the amazing healing powers of herbs to reverse illness, restore vitality and get fit for life, in this revised edition of her best-selling book Herbs and Health with Hilde Hemmes.

Learn simple herbal recipes for the treatment of a variety of complaints including: arthritis, depression, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, varicose veins, laryngitis, neuralgia, kidney stones, emphysema, pneumonia, rheumatism, psoriasis, gastritis, gall bladder disorders, bronchitis and much, much more.

* Water Healing and other hydrotherapies
* The many applications of Swedish Bitters
* Mrs Marge Crisp's cancer treatment
* How to overcome prostate disorders with epilobium
* The Six Day Quick Detox Program
* Over sixty readily available herbs and their benefits
* Over a hundred recipes for many common health problems

Herbs and Health with Hilde Hemmes is an excellent reference book as well as a source of inspiration for Daily living.

Herbs and Health with Hilde Hemmes ia a treasure trove of vital information that gives you the knowledge to make informed choices about effective natural therapies and self-help herbal cures for you and your family, in a practical, clear and exciting way, so that your total health is maintained.

Eliminate sickness from your life!

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