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Readers Feed-back for Isabell Shipard's books
I have an interest in self-sufficiency and well-being; for me this book is worth its weight in gold. Your book is a whole combined package, unmatched by other books. I have found the book very captivating, covering so many useful plants. One can get a very good picture about the garden of Eden and the gifts that mankind was given to use and enjoy.
Fred Bailey, Reservoir, Vic.

I bought a herb book from you last year. The detail, hints and “how to do” throughout make this book a treasure to own. Now, I would like to order a book to give to my daughter who uses herbs regularly.
Alan Baird, Pt. Macquarie, NSW.

Dear Isabell, Fantastic book you have produced! Congratulations. It will be a reference book for many, many years. Well done. Could you please send us another 5 copies.
Essential Ingredients, Coffs Harbour, NSW.

I have decided to write, as a follow up to reading your magnificent herb book. Actually I may be forever reading your book, as it so comprehensively covers its subject matter. It truly is the best that I have found and it is like a herb bible for all of us learning about what herbs are about. So, thankyou for such a marvelous body of work.
Adam Rees, Bateau Bay, NSW.

Isabell Shipard’s book is enthralling, and well worth a read. It offers a wealth of information for the herb gardener. I found it exciting and inspiring, but most of all, hard to put down once I started reading. Well done and thankyou for a fabulous book.
Daphne Murphy, Sunny bank Hill, Qld.

This book totally replaces all the other books I have on herbs. The amount of information on each herb is amazing. Not only will this be an invaluable tool in the creation of my herb garden and in the health and well-being of my family, but also for my animals who suffer just as much from the processed foods and pollution of today.
Sharon Falls, Erica, Vic.

Hello Isabell, I have recently purchased your fantastic, fabulous and wonderful herb book. I am currently studying full time for Bachelor of Health Science with a major in herbs. I am enjoying your book so much. It is one the most comprehensive books I have come across.
Shumbi Real, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

I am a member of Brisbane Organic Growers. “How can I use Herbs in my Daily Life is always on sale at meetings. All who purchase it agree it is the most wonderful and comprehensive book on the subject. It makes all other herb books obselete.
Josehine Theos, Brisbane, QLd.

My girlfriend Rose belongs to the Herb Society in Brisbane and gave me your glorious book. I am totally wrapped and have already helped my father-in-law with his leg ulcers using comfrey, after reading about it in the book.
Mary, Queensland

I have just finished reading your wonderful herb book, cover to cover – loved your great photos with clear pictures to help with identification. I am a naturopath and herbalist in Victoria.
Traci Brown

I recently bought the Herb Book and have found it packed full of valuable information. I believe this book is a must have for any health conscious person.
Bob, Sydney

I love the format of your book. There has been a lot of enquiry about the book.
Janette Garrad, State Library, Queensland

I ordered your herb book a few months ago and must say that it is the most valuable book in my library.
Carl, Tennessee, USA

Your herb book is fantastic. I’m surprised I haven’t seen it in bookshops, as it is such a gem.
Vanessa, Victoria

Over the past 2 years I have thoroughly enjoyed your herb book, and constantly refer to it. It has kept me very happy during some challenging times. Thankyou very much. To me the book is priceless.
Allison, Queensland

Your book is so fascinating, packed full of vital information, and very hard to put down.
Helen, W.A.

Your herb book is wonderful. It is the most used book in my library. I find myself constantly referring friends to it, and I don’t like to lend it out any more, as I get a little stroppy when I can’t put my hands on it when I want it.

I love and treasure your book. It was given to me by a friend and I constantly read and refer to it; thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for making it available.
Dianna, S.A.

I am thoroughly enjoying your herb book, and now I know how to use herbs more now.

The Herb Book is the most wonderful herb book I have ever seen, It has become a daily reference book.
Scott, Sunshine Coast, Qld

Your herb book is the best book on herbs I have come across.
Ann England

I have recently got your excellent book - " How Can I Use HERBS In My Daily Life " and would like to order from you a copy to be sent to my sister in Melbourne. Do you take Master Card and what is the procedure - Do you have a Web Site. I look forward to receiving your reply - in the meantime add my congratulations to the many others re your book.
William Gillespie

Truly magnificent would be the best way to describe the herb book.
Ashley Bierman, Brisbane

My sister gave me your book on herbs and it is absolutely terrific.
Teena Slee

I am a great fan of your herb book. You have done a great service to mankind. Thankyou.
Monika, Darwin, N.T.

The herb book is so informative, interesting and easy to read. I love it.

Dear Isabell, I want to thankyou very much for this WONDERFUL book on herbs. So much information that I have been looking for and wanting, it's fabulous. I just did my Permaculture Design Certificate with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton and they were so enthusiastic about your book that I had to get it, even though I already own about 12 books on herbs. I'm also writing to ask you if you know of any really good correspondence courses in Herbalism or alternatively good teachers or colleges that you could recommend. Please let me know if you do. In great appreciation.

The books you have written on herbs and sprouts are awesome.
Margaret Graham-Meighan

There is so much information in the sprout book.
Tara, Kingaroy, Qld

Congratulations on your herb book. It is very well put together and it is our prime reference manual, and we recommend it to whoever will listen.
Denis Conway, NSW

I bought your book 2 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it and am always lending it out. It is such a practical guide, that I now would like to order 5 books to give one each to my 4 daughters and 1 son, who I am sure will enjoy it as I have done.
Janna, Tasmania

I have borrowed a copy of your herb book from the library. It is fantastic; by far the best book I have seen. I would like to buy my own copy as the book is such a valuable reference.
Joan Biggs

I got the herb book for my birthday two years ago and still find it the best source of useful information of any herb book I have, in fact, more useful and better written than the lot combined!
Peggy, Toowoomba, Qld

Your book “How can I use herbs in my daily life?” has caused me many sleepless nights, for which I am eternally grateful. As reading and re-reading and then reading again, brings more interest, information and delight, I feel like a child let loose in a lolly shop. At 60 years of age, my enthusiasm for healthy gardening has found a new direction. No wonder Bill Mollison speaks so highly of you. The world of herb gurus should worship at your feet. My bookshelf now has a lot of empty space and St. Vinnies now have a pile of useless herb books! Now, if I may, I would dearly love to double the number of books beside my bed, also known as the planning office, by including that which I know will be a book of equal brilliance, and benefit to my health as well, “How can I grow and use sprouts as living food?”
Patrick Morgan, Qld

I refer to your herb book more than any other book I own. I attended your sprout book launch and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and rushed home to start sprouting! It is so exciting, what your book tells us about the benefits of sprouts.
Leonie, Brisbane, Qld

The sprout book is fantastic, just like the herb book. Such valuable information for everyone.
Peter Bowmaker, NSW

The sprout book is great and I have just started reaping the benefits of our first crop of sprouts, and I can honestly say that I have been mesmerized by the amount of information in the herb book. Both books are fantastic references. Doug, NSW Dear Isabell, I am ordering 7 Sprout Books. I look forward to receiving them for myself and for gifts. I keep your Herb Book always within easy reach!
Pam Turner, Monto, Qld

Dear Isabell, I was so pleased to find your offer of your new book in the mail. Only 2 days before I was going through your ‘how to use herbs book’ to see what was in there on growing sprouts. Our income has changed and I thought there must be a cheaper way to get good vegies, this time of the year. I am sure that I will use your new book as much as the Herb Book. The Herb Book is a put down and pick up again book, in fact I get sick of putting it away in the book shelf, so now I leave it on the lounge in easy reach.
Maureen Warren, WA

Congratulations Isabell on the Sprout Book, another excellent and essential work.
Anna Langford, Tas

Isabell, I have both your books. They’re great! I refer to them so regularly. Thanks so much.
Lyn Williams, Qld

Your herb book is my constant reference. When I heard about the book, I was very ill, I read it, used the herbs for healing and the book has virtually changed my life and I now have health; and energy to share the information in the book with others who are sick. My interest in herbs has grown and blossomed in the past year; it has given me so much happiness. Thankyou.
Hilary Milton, Melbourne,Vic

I am so excited about your book and am studying it with the greatest of pleasures. Everybody should have a copy and I will gladly tell others. I am now in love with so many herbs, one of which is Comfrey. I am looking forward very much to visiting your farm and hoping to purchase many other herbs. Thank you for your fantastic, health preserving and life saving work. You are an Earthly Angel Isabell.
Liliana Smith

My wife and I would like to thankyou for sharing your knowledge on herbs in your book. I appreciate the information so much and can’t thankyou enough.
Tom, Sydney

I borrowed the Herb Book from my local library, but now must have my own copy, as the book is such a fabulous reference.
Maree. Qld

My wide and I love your book, which was given to us as gift by my mother-in-law, who is a fan of yours.
Ian, NSW

Your Herb Book is my favourite. I use it all the time as a reference.
Vaska, NSW

Isabell, your book on herbs and on sprouts, are the most interesting books on how to be healthy that I have seen. I am continually referring to them. They have so much important information.
Judy Harris, Qld

Hello Isabell, May I join the thousands of readers in writing to say how much I am enjoying your book so much. It's wonderful to have an Australian voice with so much local knowledge and experience and I am finding it so useful.
Margot, WA

You Sprout Book is so comprehensive. Congratulations. There is no other book comparable to it, and it has come at a time when there is so much interest in sprouts and living food.
Fran, Qld

Several months ago I purchased your book "How Can I use herbs in my Daily Life". It is now one of my most valued books and a constant reference.
Jeannette, Vic.

I have purchased both of Isabell’s books, which are GREAT!
Penny, NSW

I am finding in the Sprout Book there is everything I need to know about sprouts, and now sprouts have become part of my daily life. I am ordering the Herb Book now, and I am sure I will find this book just as enthralling.
Helen Wilson, Tas

Since ordering the Sprout Book I have read and reread it. I now grow a variety of sprouts and thoroughly enjoy the fact that I can grow some of my own food, right in my kitchen, and I know it is absolutely fresh and chemical free. Isabell’s Sprout Book has inspired me to use spouts in so many ways with meals, and I know that the nutrient value of the sprouts… makes the sprouts the best food on the plate. Please let me know about your next book.
Lilian Wilson, Sydney, NSW

Hi Isabell, I received your book on sprouts on Friday and have not been able to put it down. I am truly blown away by the information contained in it. I want to now try sprouting many more kinds of seeds. Thankyou for writing the book.
Marion Lennon, Qld

The Sprout Book has opened my eyes, to what I can do, to look after the health of my family.
Sue Elliot, Cairns, Qld

Isabell’s Sprout Book is the most complete book I have ever seen on sprouts, and the simple way she writes makes it so easy to get inspired to make sprouting part of daily life.
Richard Brown, NSW

Dear Isabell, Recently a friend gave me a copy of the Sprout Book as gift for my birthday. I would like to tell you that is truly is a most wonderful gift, and I have been motivated to grow sprouts in my unit, and thoroughly enjoying eating them.
Tom Pritchard, Qld

The Sprout book should be in every home, as sprouts are so beneficial to health, and can help cut the cost of living too. Valerie, S.A. Thankyou for your books. I am always referring to them. They are a great help.
Joy, NSW

Dear Isabell, Congratulations on a magnificent book ! I have just been looking at your book on herbs ordered from our local library, VERY IMPRESSED Can I please order from you both the book on herbs and also on sprouting.
Jacqueline, Childers. Qld.

Hello. I recently got your excellent book - " How Can I Use HERBS In My Daily Life " and would like to order from you a copy to be sent to my sister in Melbourne. Add my congratulations to the many others re your wonderful book.
William Gillespie, Vic.

“How can I use Herbs in my Daily Life?” is not just another book you read and have on the shelf. With so much information on medicinal and culinary uses and the fact that it covers so many plants not mentioned in any other book; this is a great inspirational reference and a joy to refer to time and time again.
Lorraine Mc Intosh, Sydney, NSW.

More people need to discover this book for a healthier way of life. 110% out of 100% Isabell; it’s like you can’t get enough of the book….”
D. & D. Muntelivet, Nth. Qld.

Please supply by post another copy of “How can I use herbs in my daily life?” It’s that top class, my mate is going to nick mine if I don’t get him one.
James Potter, Mullagine, W.A.

Congratulations Isabell, what a wonderful book! I’ve just come across it and it is such a wealth of information – I’ve been looking for a book like this for a long time!
Anna Zerafa, Medical Herbalist and Iridologist, Cessnock, NSW.

I am a member of Brisbane Organic Growers. “How can I use Herbs in my Daily Life” is always on sale at meetings. All who purchase it agree it is the most wonderful and comprehensive book on the subject. It makes all other herb books obsolete.
Josephine Theos, Brisbane, Qld.

At a time when I need it most – I had just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer – I stumbled across Isabell Shipard’s “How can I use herbs in my daily life”. It’s been a god-send! It has opened my eyes and let me realise that there is more than modern medicine and that there is something that you can do yourself, to improve your health. It is much more than just a herb book. It is a recipe book for healing and preventing. Thousands of years of herbal medicine can’t be ignored. Good on you Isabell, for keeping that dying art alive!
Annette Devonshire, Brisbane, Qld.

Over the past 2 years I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, then constantly referring back to your book on Herbs in Daily Life. Thankyou so very much. To me the book is priceless.
Allison Wright, North Queensland.

Dear Isabell, A friend excitedly told me about your herb book and said I should get one. Well, I have dozens of herb books I have collected over the years. Did I really need another one? As I love herbs, I ordered one anyway, and now I can see why my friend raved on and on about this wonderful reference book which is a real treasure of practical information. The book is my constant companion and inspiration in my daily life. Herbs have become more precious to me as I use them daily; I do not fatigue as easily and I know my health and immune system have had a real boost. Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences in this wonderful herb book.
Mary Mc Intyre, Gold Coast, Qld.

This book has been a long time coming but it has been well worth the wait. It deals with some herbs, which other books neglect. The title has been well chosen. The book is a quality production, well illustrated, sensibly set out and written in a captivating style. It bears the stamp of Isabell’s happy, helpful personality … a delightful, appealing and powerful book. It has inspired me to use the herbs in my garden.
Rae Lehmann, Adelaide, S.A.

Thankyou for the beautiful herb book. It is absolutely wonderful! Your book has been a great blessing to me, and words cannot express how much I treasure it.
Annette Reckas, Greece.

Isabell, I do appreciate your Herb Book. I call it my Herb Bible, and as you can see my copy is well used and tabbed with marker references.
Bruce Brown, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Since we bought Isabell’s book we have not been able to put it down! We read passages from it daily and now have added herbs to our everyday meals. Having been touched by illness in our family, this has put us on the path to learn more about nutritional methods to combat diseases. Isabell’s book gives us re-assured confidence in the use of medicinal herbs. The book is appealing and factual information, and never ending anecdotes from the common man. These are backed by her research into scientific studies and history of the origin of each herb. We continue to enjoy opening the book, at different passages each day and learning more.
Beth and Greg Devonshire, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Isabell, your book is just beautiful. You have brought all the valuable information together.
Doug Jones, Mildura. Vic.

Congratulations Isabell, on a truly wonderful book. It contains extensive information on herbs that are easy to grow in the garden. It is not only beautifully presented, but it is a must for everyone who wants to enhance their cooking and keep healthy. Thankyou for this book.
Patricia Little, Herbalist, Nanango, Qld.

The research that went into Isabell’s herb book is amazing. The detail, the hints and “how to do” through out make this book a treasure to own.
Bill White, Brisbane, Qld.

Many thanks for our order of your Herb Book. We have given your book pride of place on our counter and it is attracting a lot of attention. You have produced a wonderful book, the beauty of which is it’s broad relevance, in the areas of gardening, cooking and health issues. It is an attractive and affordable publication, with extremely comprehensive information on an enormous number of herbs, which is easy to read and understand. Congratulations on a great result to what was obviously a very lengthy and intense creative period; we expect to have enthusiastic and enduring sales for such an informative and well presented book.
Annie Ferguson, Written Dimension Bookshop / ABC Centre, Noosa, Qld.

Having a deep interest in herbs for many years but with no professional accreditations I was quite chuffed when Isabell asked that I give my considered opinion of her book “How can I use Herbs in my Daily Life?” I have gathered a good number of books on medicinal herbs over the years but I have found Isabell’s book to be quite unique. To me personally, the book has four distinct components. Isabell has presented the descriptive and scientific material in a very clear and easy format and the inclusion of the anecdotal information in respect to individual herbs is inspiring. The major gain of this book for my family is having many of the herbs introduced in a culinary way on a regular basis rather than a cup of herbal tea when some particular health imposition occurs. I feel this is a culture we should be advocating and encouraging at every opportunity. The introduction of many “survival plants” is a component that I respond to in an instinctive way as I feel some time in the future this information will be invaluable. Last but not least Isabell has given us the fun side of our plant world. Our grandchildren find using a loofah in the bath, which they helped to skin and de-seed, to be highly entertaining – mind you we had a few seed floating in the first bath. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is remotely interested in herbs. It is certainly not a “one-time” read and you will find yourself returning constantly and learning something further each time you pick it up. It’s a wonderful book!
Judith Lambert, Traverston, Qld.

Isabell, your book is so very informative and so easy to read, and should be in every home.
Peter Bowmaker, Warrawong, NSW.

I borrowed the herb book from the library and now I want to purchase a book for myself. It is so easy to read and understand. At first it seems like a lot of print to read, but once you start to read about a particular herb, it all starts to mean something. The whole book is in alphabetical order, with each herb and all its uses listed. The practical and personal uses of each herb, makes it all the more believable.
Reg Hayles, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

I read your book everyday. Fantastic information. Well done!
Harley Jackman, North Qld.

It’s a great book! I congratulate you, Isabell and thankyou that I now have the opportunity to learn more about herbs and put them into use in my life.
Sylvia Winfield, Cowaramup, WA.

Isabell, your herb book is just brilliant! I have never seen any book giving so much detail.
Neil Evans, Brisbane, Qld.

Dear Isabell, your book is really great. All my friends love it too. I have lent mine at the moment and really miss it, so wish to order two more books. Thankyou for a book, which is so worthwhile to everyday life.
Sally Schwarz, North Qld.

Isabell’s book is a joy to read and has exceeded my high expectations. With inspiration and clarity Isabell shares with us the herbal wisdom of both eastern and western traditions in this comprehensive, eagerly awaited volume. There is for me a sense of wonder at the universal justice inherent in the humble herb, which being freely available provides not only nourishment but also the power of healing. Medicinal herbs, trees and fruits are mentioned often in the Bible and the Essenes also valued the healing qualities of herbs that cleanse the blood. Juliette de Bairacli Levy, who learned from nomadic peoples including the Bedouin Arabs and Gypsies, wrote, “Herbal medicine is man’s rightful medicine: the powers of herbs cannot be denied. Man can never excel nature in medicine manufacture, for she makes the best ones”. I highly recommend, “How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life” and look forward to there being a hardcover copy in the future as my current copy is being so well used.
Pamela Irvine, Board Member of the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation, Sunbury, Vic.

My young son’s successful recovery from a rare form of cancer has given me a personal experience of the value of herbs for healing and nutrition. While my son did undergo two and a half months of chemotherapy, it made him so ill that my husband and I decided to cease the treatment and continue only with the extensive natural therapies, of which herbal treatment was an integral part. To promote the well being of our future generations it is necessary to pass on invaluable herbal wisdom. “How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life” fulfils an important role in meeting this need and it has my wholehearted recommendation.
Sandra Guica Maqueda, Founder and Director of The Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation of Australia, Sunbury, Vic.
Everybody should have this impressive herb book in their home. It is practical and very informative. I had no idea that so many herbs could help humans and animals. So much fun to cook with and most importantly to keep you fit and well. Thankyou Isabell for sharing your knowledge with us all.
Patsy Green, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

I have a number of books about herbs but most are written for overseas growing conditions. Isabell Shipard’s book is a valuable reference source with the added advantage of being written in Queensland. A most useful book for daily use.
Harriet Holmes, Yangan, Qld.

Have had my nose in the herb book since receiving it. The first plant in the book was Acerola and I couldn’t believe it! I’ve got one, but I didn’t know what it was. Then I found the Drumstick Tree. I had one given to me as a Horseradish Tree. So now I know where to plant it and how to use it.
Maureen Warren, Northampton, W.A.

Thankyou Isabell for your wonderful book. I love it. You put your whole heart into that book. I have never seen a book on herbs with this much information, about individual herbs, Your book is THE BEST EVER. Congratulations
Mrs M. Kouts, Adelaide, S.A.

A wonderful informative book of growing and using herbs. Anyone interested in gardening, herbs and good health will love this book, even good tips for flower arrangers and craft workers. An enjoyable book to read, easy to understand, every time you pick it up you learn something new. I am purchasing another book for my daughter.
Mary Griffin, Biggenden, Qld.

Dear Isabell, I have read your herb book from cover to cover. I really loved it. As I borrowed it from my local library, I want to now get a copy of my own. Your book is not only informative, but also fun to read.
Trevor Wright, Adelaide, SA.

I recently bought copies of your book on herbs. It is a very wonderful book and I thankyou very much for publishing all this information. I also gave a copy to my daughter who loves it, and I am now enclosing payment for 5 books and addresses where I would like the books sent to.
Jacque Flavell, Thora, NSW.

Having had little interest in reading books most of my life, I have been amazed at my addiction to Isabell’s herbal masterpiece. The incredible abundance of information is a cumulation of ancient and modern knowledge, folklore, and more than impressive case histories. The book offers easy reference, and information and good sound practical healing and prevention of disease. It has created an excitement in me, inspiring me to be more responsible for my own health. I recommend it to anyone interested in their own wellbeing.
Gordon Halliday, Crystal Waters, Qld.

This is the ultimate book on plants, detailing the valuable role they play in our daily lives, from providing food to healing our bodies. The user-friendly index, the conveniently located technical glossary, and the comprehensive plant information are truly superb, along with outstanding photographs, nothing has been missed. When I thumbed through it, I gasped, “This will see me through to the end of my days.” It’s the most useful book on plants I have ever purchased. At last, Isabell’s extensive knowledge is now available for us all to read.
Jane Many Leaves Lawrance, Diploma in Permaculture, Seed Saver and Edible Plant Collector, North Qld.

Isabell’s Herb Book is a treasure trove of practical information, and I highly recommend that it be in every library, infact in every home.
Rod Bailey, Melbourne, Vic.

This herb book is one of the best I have ever read. It not only tells you how to identify the herbs and grow them; it also tells how to use them and how they might benefit your health. I can’t put it down. We have waited a long time for a book like this. I have been telling all my friends about this book and they are as happy as I am.
Val Butler, Rosewood, Qld.

I have been interested in herbs since 1973 when I was first introduced to valerian in Caboolture, Qld., as a tea for a good night sleep. Since then I have accumulated quite a few herbals including, M. Grieve’s ‘A Modern Herbal’, Jethro Kloss’s ‘Back to Eden’, John Lust’s ‘The Herb Book’, the excellent books by Julliete de Bairacli Levi and many others. Isabell Shipard’s herbal is unique. There are pages of information on any given plant and it is quality information. There is good mention of up to-date scientific data plus traditional lore and good anecdotal information. The author has vast experience with herbs over many years. The reference section is comprehensive and easy to use and one can look up symptoms as well as specific plants. At the same time there are excellent quality colour pictures of many of the herbs in the text. I would say that the subtitle. An Australian practical guide to growing… is to some extent a misnomer as the book has relevance to anyone on the planet who requires a solid text on herbs. We get the clear impression from Isabell Shipard’s work that these extraordinary plants are far more beneficial to human health than people realize. The mineral content of many of these plants alone is of very great significance to say nothing of the other therapeutic benefits of incorporating herbs into one’s daily regime. Altogether a splendid, functional text which can be read as a book but also containing much valued and useful information on an ancient medicinal tradition.
Michael K. Cowan, M. Ed, B.Ed, B.A. Dip. Ed. Grad. Dip. Forestry Science, Crystal Waters, Qld.

Isabell has brought all the important and practical facts on herbs together in one book. And with the extensive index, it is easy to find information on a particular herb or ailment.
Melva Houston, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

The book contains a wealth of information. It is the kind of book you will find yourself referring to again and again. “How can I use herbs in my daily life?” is truly inspirational and a great read. Isabell’s enthusiasm is transferred to the reader. After reading this book you will feel more motivated to take control of your own health and start growing more herbs in your backyard.
Judy Reinbott, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Since receiving my new herb book in July, I feel even more confident now, that, my quest to become more self-sufficient has been realised. This book is Isabell’s most proud acheivement, I am sure. A unique book that deserves a special place in every home.
Bill Goodwin, Rosedale, Qld.

Isabell, you can be justly proud of your herb book. A wonderful production.
Mary and Ned Gow, Gold Coast, Qld.

Dear Isabell, A great book, could not put it down. Just as well I have my foot in plaster, so did not feel guilty. God bless.
Maria Loechel, Kangaroo Island, S.A.

My Husband and I have, for many years, been convinced that herbs are the very basic ingredients of good health. This wonderfully written book with such clear and practical information, has inspired us and given us further confidence to experiment with, and grow, the herbs that we had not previously heard of or considered would grow in our area of the Central Queensland tropics. The book is compulsive reading, and we are sure that it will be our herb “Bible” for many years to come. Thankyou so much Isabell, for the many loving hours that have gone into this wonderful book.
Glenda Darlington, Mackay, Qld.

I have just bought “How can I use Herbs in my Daily Life”. It’s great! This magnificent book gives all the important information on growing and using, all together in one book. It is so easy to read and most enjoyable.
Jennifer Ward, Brisbane, Qld.

Thanks Isabell for a wonderful book. It is a valuable reference book for anyone who would like to grow their own food, flavouring and medicinal plants.
Penny White, Sydney, NSW.

Dear Isabell, Thankyou so much for your herb book – it’s fantastic! Carolina has not put it down.
Cary van Hempel, Narrogin, W.A.

Isabell I would like to thankyou for writing such an informative and useful book on herbs. I recently purchased it and have not been able to put it down since. Thanking you for your love of herbs and a healthier way of life.
Roseanne Caban, North Qld.

Isabell’s Herb Book has re-inspired me to grow and use herbs more in my own garden. For over 20 years I have had a working interest/passion in herbs and have had the good fortune to have helped on Isabell’s Herb Farm for 4 years. Her encyclopaedic knowledge and practical experience on herbs is, in my opinion, unsurpassed. We now have this knowledge and practical experience available to us, in her very detailed and easy to read reference book. Look after your health and reap the benefits of using herbs daily in your life. The book is a great investment.
Christine Reeves, Massage Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Your book is wonderful Isabell. A terrific resource, very readable and practical. Congratulations.
Adele and Byron Flavell, Brisbane, Qld.

Hugely attracted to all plants, it wasn’t long before the culinary and medicinal of them caught my attention. How exciting to grow flavour and beauty and medicine, outside my door! Amidst my enthusiasm I did often feel lost though. I hadn’t found a one stop source covering enough herbs or including enough accurate information, to guide me fully in their propagation and use. Then Isabell’s book was published. It’s like having a friendly “wise woman” on hand day and night! More practical, well researched guidance about over 500 herbs, spices and edible plants, that I could ever have hoped for… all this in a simple to use format, at a very reasonable price. I am found!
Julie Maeborn, Home Gardener, S. Coast, Qld.

Thankyou Isabell for sending your herb book. It is already proving an invaluable and fascinating reference to us! We would like to order a copy for our friends in Tasmania.
C. and J. Hermiston, Zingiber Organic Herbs and Vegetables, Palmerston, N.T.

I am writing to tell you that the books arrived safely and how delighted I am and my friends who also got a copy. Over the years I have purchased many books on herbs. This book is so easy for people to understand that have no formal background in natural therapies, and from a professional herbalist point of view, it is excellent, as I operate a health clinic here and also do animal wild life care, so herbs are very much part of my life. I must tell you about my own adventure with HRT. I had gone to my G.P. just for a checkup on blood pressure and to get the heart checked, and he asked me if I was taking HRT. I said I was not as I was long past the “change”, and he told me I should be taking this medication. So to cut a long story short, I agreed and when I had taken about 10 of each of the two tablets he had prescribed, I went back to the doctor and asked him why I was taking two lots of pills, and he told me one was HRT and the other was to stop me from getting cancer from the HRT. I guess you can understand why I didn’t continue taking them and when I told him the herbs I had used for menopause, he had to agree, they were probably just as good. Thankyou for your book. I know everyone who reads this book, their life will be richer.
Peggy Cooper, Quairading, W.A.

The book is wonderful. It is so easy to find my way around in the book. The cross references are excellent. I now want to buy a book for friends.
Lutz Pedersen, Gympie, Qld.

Isabell, I just want to thankyou for the brilliant book you have produced. I haven’t put it down since I purchased it. Absolutely fascinating!
Lorraine Bonner, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Your herb book is fantastic. A friend showed me her copy, and now I wish to get a copy for myself.
Linda Hill, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Congratulations Isabell! Your book is inspiring! It has challenged me to grow a useful garden again, a heritage I grew up with in this wonderful land of Australia, but, sadly, something I had neglected the last few years. Since reading the book, I have started a new garden, and in the school holidays, when grandchildren come to stay, I will teach them the importance of self-sufficiency, nutritious foods, herbs and edible weeds with medicinal properties, and the joy of planting and growing an edible garden, with the plants that our Creator has given us for our health and healing.
Mary Green, Newcastle, NSW.

Knowledge of medicinal plants of old, Presented by Isabell unfold. To give hope and healing, To those who are needing, To know what to grow, When to sow, How to prepare, To heal or for fare ‘Tis an excellent book, You’ll agree if you look.
Jill Wilkie, Deception Bay, Qld.

Dear Isabell, Love your book – the best book of its kind, I have seen. Many thanks for taking the time to compile it.
Lance Abbott, Coffs Harbour, NSW.

I would like to congratulate you on your excellent book. Very scientific, but also very easy to understand and good information. A book I will be using daily. One of my bibles! The book will help many people. Good on you Isabell. When’s the next one happening. Love and light.
Shanna Hinss, Euroa, Vic.

I have read quite a number of books on herbs, but this book by Isabell Shipard “How can I use herbs in my daily Life?” is the best book I have seen, very detailed and informative on a large range of herbs, and wonderful pictures. This book I recommend to herbalists and to any lay person.
Cyril Mitchell, Maryborough, Qld.

Through this book that Isabell has written, she has brought to all that read it pleasure, knowledge, and interest… and hope for a healthy future.
Beryl Chadder, Salamander Bay, NSW.

In “How can I use Herbs in My Daily Life?” Isabell shares her remarkable knowledge of herbs with us; helping us to understanding of the significance of herbs for our own well-being. Isabell also provides a wealth of practical information about growing herbs, details about origins of some 500 plants and a diversity of herbal uses in this fascinating volume, which is enriched with colourful photographs.
Joan Vale, President Friends of the Maroochydore Library, Qld.

I highly recommend this fantastic herb book by Isabell Shipard. I appreciate you giving time to read my letter. Following is an outline of where I am coming from. Our organisation, Darwin Holistic Health Centre Inc. has over 300 financial members, and our aim is Prevention in our Health Care. We operate with volunteers only; our health professionals also give time in a voluntary capacity. We have recently received the book “How Can I Use Herbs In My Daily Life?” I believe it is the most comprehensive Herb Book ever published. For everyone interested in Health it is a must to have as a reference book in the home. Part of Bill Mollison’s (Founder of The Permaculture Institute), statement regarding the book include, “Shipard on herbs is destined to be one of those foundation books that will be in print for the next century”. I respectfully suggest that it would be in the financial interests of all Book Shops, including Library’, Newsagencies, Gift Shops, Health Food Shops, Naturopathic Clinics etc., to stock this outstanding contribution to the health of all Australians.
Lila Notley OAM, Managing Director (Honorary) Darwin Holistic Health Centre Inc. Darwin, N.T.

The herb book by Isabell Shipard is worth its weight in gold. It has information that is so practical and not found in any other herb book.
Martin Wells, Melbourne, Vic.

Thankyou for writing such a wonderful and truly informative book.
Nina Clarke, Perth, W.A.

It is so important to understand why we have so many herbs that can cover such a variety of uses. Just think what a better place we would live in if we didn’t have to take pharmaceutical medicine for every ailment we suffer; and if we didn’t have to use chemical pesticides for every insect that was causing havoc in our garden. The book “How can I use Herbs in my daily life?” covers all aspects of herb growing, identifying, culinary and medicinal uses. I recommend the book to everyone I talk to. Also, the book has opened my eyes to the number of herbs that we actually call weeds, which grow wild everywhere, that can be used for so many everyday uses.
Sally Rogers, Baan Baa, NSW.

Your book is an amazing inspiration to all who read it. Thanks so much for spreading the important information and keeping alive the knowledge of medicinal plants – even more vital in this day and age.
Ian Slorach, Gaia’s Garden Herbs and Perennial Vegetables, Thora, NSW.

I recently bought your book, Isabell, and I am impressed by its scope and content. Thankyou for writing a comprehensive book that is so relevant to our daily lives.
Kerri Romano, North Qld.

Congratulations Isabell on your wonderful book “How can I use Herbs in my Daily Life?” it is a mine of information. I bought it a few weeks ago and can’t put it down.
Ann Willard, Casurina, N.T.

The herb book is excellent! I recommend it to everyone.
Audrey Curtis, Highfields, Qld.

The herb book is outstanding. It has everything I need to know, brought together in one book.
Mark Wells, Hobart, Tas.

I have a copy of your herb book. It is fantastic. Thankyou.
Sandie Fuller, Tucabua, NSW.

Dear Isabell, Congratulations on the publication of your herb book. I know the effort required in creating a publication like this.
Eliza Burfein, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Think of a herb – now look it up in Isabell Shipard’s remarkable book. There you will find a full description, how it is propagated, as well as its medicinal and culinary uses. The index is totally informative. Here all plants and many ailments are listed so in a few seconds you may find that which will relieve your condition. Even 25 years on a herb farm seems hardly long enough to have acquired so much expert knowledge. Isabell expresses great enthusiasm for her herbs but this is tempered by her warning to obtain a doctor’s endorsement when used in conjunction with prescribed medication. The text is beguilingly written with reference to the experiences of friends and family. It is illustrated in colour and the presentation is excellent. Altogether a rare achievement and destined to be a valuable reference well into the future.
Joan Lilly, formerly Public Health Nurse, World Health Organization, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

I have been continually delighted with “How can I use Herbs in my Daily Life?” I am very glad I bought copies for my son and daughters also.
Heather Meek, Rocky Hall, NSW.

Ever wondered how to grow dragon fruit? Or miracle fruit? Ever wanted to incorporate more herbs in your diet for health reason or flavour? This herb book is wonderfully inspiring, jam packed with information on how to grow herbs and many edible plants, giving their medicinal value and how to use them in your daily life. For anyone with an interest in herbs, health or self-sufficiency, this book is a real TREASURE.
Christine Manning, Teachers Aide, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Dear Susan, What a wonderful surprise to find the parcel with the herb book waiting for me. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I had just read about Isabell’s book in a catalogue recently received from a speciality bookshop in Sydney devoted to all things botanical and thought how much I would love a copy. Then, lo and behold, there it was in my lounge room and now I have my very own copy! It is indeed most thoughtful and generous of you Susan to think of me and you couldn’t possibly have given me anything dearer to my heart. I had the pleasure of visiting Isabell’s farm years ago and have always been inspired by her enthusiasm and knowledge and will certainly treasure her book. Hi Isabell, thought you would appreciate this “feedback” on how your wonderful book is blessing lives, and I too always get more inspired and motivated when I pick up my copy to read a page of two!
Susan Brown, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Your book is worth its weight it gold! I am referring to it all the time. There is so much practical information in it that is not in any other book.
Marjorie Hinkling, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

As a long time volunteer with Seed Savers I work on cataloguing material for our library. Isabell’s herb book is a fascinating, colourful and a well researched reference on growing and using herbs, their lore and health-giving properties, both medicinal and culinary. As well as the clearly arranged need-to-know details, there is a wealth of amusing folklore, anecdotal true-life stories of health benefits; historical and scientific snippets; and practical ways of using herbs, even how to dry and press their flowers. All this in a simple down-to-earth style, and beautiful colour photos. Put it on the coffee table to both use, enjoy, and introduce others to the life-enhancing world of herbs.
Paula Williams, Seeds Savers, Byron Bay, NSW.

A unique book that deserves a special place, in every home. This book, is Isabell’s most proud achievement. Since receiving the book, my quest to become more self-sufficient has been realised.
Bill Goodwin, Queensland.

It is s book that should be in every household. Everyone who sees my book, wants a copy.
Karen Mackenzie, Brisbane, Qld.

I can say, anyone who picks up Isabell’s Herb Book, will never be sorry they buy it. I have been collecting herb books for a number of years, searching, for the very information that is in this book. This book is down-to-earth, easy to read & put into practice. Isabell I can’t thankyou enough, & I will always be telling people about the book. Roslyn Jackman, Sth Burn. Thankyou for such a wonderful book, it is as riveting as a good novel. I was surprised at how many of the really important herbs I already had growing and didn’t know how to use. You wouldn’t believe the amount of gotu kola and comfrey I had thrown out – not anymore. I have found that diluted apple juice with gotu kola and comfrey makes a very refreshing drink.
Kathleen Mahon, NSW.

Last year I did a home herbal course under Belle Gibbons and we all purchased a copy of your wonderful book. My book is constantly read and highlighted in many places. My husband tells me it has become my second bible, and his first. I often go to read up on something and find that he has taken it to work with him. So now I want to order another book as 2 books are essential in our household. Every day, we now take gotu kola, sheep sorrel, herb robert and brahmi, and Allan also takes sensitive plant and aloe vera. Before Christmas 2003, my neighbour took his dog to the vet, he was told it had a brain tumour and would need to be put down, he brought the dog back home to talk it over with his wife and children, I just happened to be there that day and looked down at my feet and remembered what Belle told us “God grows his herbs where they are most needed”… less than 2 feet from me in their garden near the back door was a wonderful crop of gotu kola. Lynn started giving it to their little cocker spaniel that night and 6 months on his is running around with their other little dog and the children, he’s still a little wobbly but no where near as much as he was. The strange thing is Michael ran into the vet a couple months later and the vet said he thought the dog has died, when Michael said that on the contrary, it was running around and much improved. All, the vet said was that he must have been wrong and that it wasn’t a tumour after all.
Robyn Paskins, Nth Qld.

I do enjoy reading your book. The information is so valuable.
Doug Thwaites, Member Fellowship of Aust. Writers, Qld.

Isabell I want to tell you how very special and valuable your herb book is to me. I constantly refer to it. I purchased 8 copies to give as gifts to friends, and I know they treasure their copies too. Now I want to order some sprout books, as I am sure that the information will also be essential reading for health. Thanks again.
Robert Williams, Sydney, NSW.

Your Herb Book has changed my life. Using the herbs mentioned in the book has given me health again.
Ian Smith, NSW.

Isabell your Herb Book has opened up a whole new world for me. Thankyou.
Tony Whyatt, Adelaide, SA.

Isabell’s Herb Book is my constant companion.
Mary Thomas, Melbourne, Vic.

Congratulations Isabell! It is a book I refer to, more than any other book.
Heather Wallace, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Isabell, I am constantly enjoying your Herb Book. Sincere thanks.
Jane Brooks, Vic.

Dear Isabell, Several years ago I bought your brilliant book “How can I use herbs in my daily life?”. I used it as a reference so much. This year on a trip to visit my daughter working in Poland, I took it along and she loved it so much I left it with her. So now I need another one. I also recommended it to my family and am pleased to say my parents and sister have bought copies. I look forward to getting the Sprout Book now.
Christine Graham, NSW.

Isabell, I would like you to know that I really enjoy your book ‘How can I use herbs in daily life?’ It’s a treasure house of information. I am always quoting it to my family and friends.
Mr. M. Aylward, NSW.

Isabell your book is packed full of valuable information. I have been gathering herb books for years, but I have never seen a herb book as comprehensive as this. Thankyou. You have given a great gift to mankind.
George Woods, Gippsland, Vic.

The Herb Book is fantastic. I pick it up and enjoy a read regularly.
Andrea Wilson, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Searching on the web, brought me to your book site. Thankyou, for sharing of your knowledge and love of herbs on the web site. Now I have ordered the book from the library, and can see it is the best herb book that I have come across, and I will be ordering a book soon.
Lorriane Jones, S.A.

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