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The 'Seed Savers' Handbook

by Michel and Jude Fanton
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The 'Seed Savers' Handbook by Michel and Jude Fanton

The 'Seed Savers' Handbook

by Michel and Jude Fanton

The Seed Savers' Handbook, 180 pages, is a complete reference for growing, preparing and conserving 117 traditional varieties of food plants. Written in 1993 by Michel and Jude Fanton, founders of The Seed Savers' Network and published by Seed Savers' Network.

30,000 of the original edition sold with another 30,000 copies of translations and adaptations sold around the world.

Megg Miller, editor of Grass Roots:
"Many people care passionately about the environment and conserving it for future generations. An integral part of this is concern for the demise of old-fashioned varieties of useful plants and vegetables. But philosophical thought and rhetoric alone cannot turn the tide - the timely publication of this informative and practical book will do much to guide ordinary people to becoming caretakers of our diverse seed heritage."

Michael Boddy, editor of Kitchen Talk Newsletter:
"Our best recommendation for this book is that it will help you strengthen the wholesome connection between soil, plant and self, by showing you how to select and reproduce the seeds that best respond to the region in which you live. Scale is not important here. At whatever level you wish to work - from the single pot on the window-sill to a paddock full of earthly delights - you will find The Seed Savers' Handbook waiting for you, to tell you things you need to know."

Bill Mollison, founder of Permaculture and recipient of the Australian Achiever Award 1993, says in the book's preface:
"I believe this book to be essential for all caring farmer, gardeners, cooks and parents, and I trust that it will speed our return to good nutrition and a healthy society."

Derek Cooper, Presenter of Radio 4 in London UK.
"if you cherish your greens devour this splendid book designed to save our shrinking vegetable heritage."

Alan Gear-chief exectutive, Henry Doubleday Research Association UK (HDRA) "the definite work on vegetable seed saving, combines passion and practicality - every gardener should read this".

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