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The Beauty Diet
DVD is NTSC, All Regions
The Beauty Diet

2 DVD Set

Regardless of any specific features which might be considered beautiful, one thing is certain: beauty comes from within.

Attractiveness stems from our inner radiance and vibration and is fuelled primarily by the foods we eat. Many lifestyle factors affect beauty, including sleep, lifestyle and stress, but our diet plays the single biggest role in creating beauty from the inside out.

* Are you feeling like you need a beauty make over?
* Is your skin looking dull and tired?
* Not feeling as energetic as you d like to?
* Are your nails weak and brittle?
* Is your hair lacking luster?

Before you contemplate an artificial or synthetic quick fix, watch this DVD so you can learn how to create true beauty - from within!

About The Beauty Diet 2 DVD Program
Filmed entirely at David Wolfe s own kitchen in Hawaii, and presented by David himself, the Beauty Diet DVD Program contains 12 guided demonstrations of the best cleansing, nourishing and beautifying recipes that you can make in your own kitchen.

Based on David Wolfe s best selling, breakthrough book  Eating For Beauty , this 2 DVD video program will step you through how to achieve glowing skin, sparkling eyes, lustrous hair, and strong bones and nails through using nature s most incredible super foods and super herbs.

Best of all, you ll learn about the amazing properties of the foods used in the recipes that work specifically to provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that enhance skin beauty.

* How to achieve radiant beauty and glowing skin through superior nutrition choices.
* How to use nature s most incredible super foods, super herbs, medicinal mushrooms, raw chocolate and chocolate products to help you create inner beauty and youthful looking skin.
* How silicon aids in youthfulness and the best silicon rich foods to include in your diet.
* The top anti-oxidant foods for glowing, vibrant skin.
* How to add a healthy dose of Vitamin E to any meal.
* How to restore elasticity to your tissues  through food alone.
* How to restore mineral density to bones, teeth and hair.

The Beauty Diet 2 DVD Set Recipes Include:
Skin-Glow Sulfur Salad
Antioxidant Soup
Watermelon Berry Kefir
Citrus Kola
Acai Berry Colada
The Eliminator
Super Skin Radiance Elixir
Beta-Carotene Beauty Blast
Chocolate Beauty
Skin Cleanse Juice
Beautiful Blueberry Smoothie
Papaya Almond Smoothie

As a bonus, a 16 page recipe booklet that accompanies the DVD set!

Pal, NTSC, All Regions.
Pal is the Australian standard.
NTSC is the American standard.
Both Pal and NTSC will play on any computer that can play a standard DVD.
Also many new DVD players and TVs support both NTSC and PAL.
Please check to make sure that you are happy with the standard of this DVD before purchasing.
(We can not offer a refund where the DVDs are not supported by your system.)

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