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Allspice ~ Magnificent Aroma ~ 16/09/07

(Pimenta dioica)

If I could give you a leaf sample to enjoy, via your computer, it would be an allspice leaf. Let me tell you about this wonderful spice tree. The leaves are glossy green and about the size and shape of gum tree leaves. Allspice is a small tree, but it could be pruned to shrub size by cutting and using the leaves continually.

Now when I take a leaf and crush it in my hand the very special aroma is released for me to enjoy. I love to take some deep breaths, to get the full sweet clove-aroma that the leaves share with me when they are crushed. The spectacular aroma can be experienced... clearing the head and the lungs... and releasing an energy surge in the body... this is what wonderful aromas can do for the human body.

The antioxidant-rich leaves can be made as a refreshing tea to enjoy, or to clear the head and lungs, relieve a cold, aid the digestion, settle an upset stomach, boost the immune system and act as a tonic. Use the leaves and the berries to flavour stewed apples and pears, in pies, meat roast, on the barbecue and in casseroles. Leaves have potential to be placed in cupboards to deter cockroaches.

Isabell Shipard

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