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Create A Herb Garden ~ For Health And Healing ~ 16/12/07

Herb gardens are an important part of a home garden, as herbs are given to us for our health and healing.

If possible create a herb garden close to the kitchen, so that the herbs are near by for picking regularly.

If there is no room for a herb garden in the ground, plan where you can place a few good sized pots, so that you can still grow a variety of herbs to use for flavouring.

There are so many herbs to choose from when planning a herb garden. Start with herbs that you like, and then gradually increase the range to introduce new flavours.

Herbs are valuable not only for the flavours they impart, but also they are rich in vitamins, minerals, living enzymes, antibiotics and antioxidants. The more antioxidants that you can use from a variety of herbs, the more powerful will be the benefits of the antioxidants, as the effect is multiplied.

Most herbs will do well in a sunny position, but they will still grow in shade if that is all that is available. Herbs that really enjoy shade (or 1/2 day sun and 1/2 day shade) are angelica, lovage, stevia, lebanese cress, and lawn chamomile; in fact most of the low growing ground cover herbs would do quite well in shade as they generally are shallow rooted plants, which means they could dry out quite quickly in hot dry weather, therefore a shady position in the herb garden could be an advantage.

Mulch the herb garden thickly, as this will help retain moisture. Fertilise herbs regularly, preferably with an organic fertiliser or foliar spray.

Some of the most popular culinary herbs are: parsley, chives, garlic, marjoram, oregano, coriander, thyme, basil and tarragon. Regular cutting the herbs for using in the kitchen, will make the bushes strong, as in using you are very effectively pruning them, and the herbs will thrive.

Enjoy the aromas of your herb garden, as the aroma builds up energy in the body and a feeling of well being. Talk to your herbs regularly, then they are sure to thrive!

Isabell Shipard

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