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Salad Mallow ~ Better Than Bananas ~ 7/10/07

(Corchorus olitorius)

Is a hardy, easy to grow, fast growing annual, up to 1 metre high. It has glossy, dark green leaves that can be enjoyed fresh, lightly steamed, or added to savoury dishes. Leaves are over 20% protein, very rich in Vitamin A, chlorophyll and mucin (valued for removing mucous and toxins from the body), and very rich in calcium (1432 mg per 100 grams of leaves).

Leaf analysis has shown the plant to be exceptionally high in potassium (3068 mg per 100 grams of leaf), making is possibly the richest food source of potassium we can eat (3 times better than bananas). Potassium could be called the 'mighty mineral' as it has the role of regulating a multitude of bodily functions. Potassium plays a crucial function in fluid balance in the body, the mechanism by which the body is nourished and cleansed of toxins; and also affects the acid / alkaline balance. Potassium is the major mineral for healing and combines with iron to take oxygen to the cells. It is also vital for healthy heart action. Potassium is extremely important for the muscles and essential to the digestion of food, function of the organs and in prevention of hardening of the arteries. Potassium is important for good brain power and mental function and for retarding the ageing process. Natural health researchers have said that cancer cells cannot live in a potassium rich environment.

I encourage every home garden to grow this nutritious food plant. It is a valuable survival food too. Leaves when dried, crushed and stored, provide a high protein food source, which has potential to be added to many meals and recipes.

Isabell Shipard

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