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Seed Saving ~ Providing For Our Future ~ 13/01/08

Seed saving is as old as agriculture, yet today we have become reliant on seed companies and highly bred hybrids for our plant seeds. The demise of the seed-collecting tradition has led to the loss of much valuable genetic material. Renewed interest in the importance of maintaining seed lines has led to the formation of seed saving organisations and companies that supply open-pollinated seed.

Growing food plants and saving the seeds is an enjoyable activity that everyone can do; it is so fascinating and satisfying. Seed saving can be as simple or as involved as you would like. The benefits are for us now, and for our children s future.

By acquiring and maintaining heritage varieties (and non genetically modified varieties), and handing on the seeds of herbs, vegetables, and other food plants to friends, neighbours and family, along with the knowledge of how to grow and use them, we will be providing good quality food potential and some level of self-sufficiency for generations to come.

I encourage you and your family to be growers and seeds savers, as by saving seeds, you will be helping to preserve the genetic basis of tomorrow s food, as every year more plants become extinct, and without these seeds, vital food crops are lost, forever. Increasingly, farmers have had to rely on pesticides and other chemicals to sustain fewer varieties. And we cannot trust the survival of these species to genetic engineering. Only biodiversity, guarantees the survival of plants and the nutrition, taste and pleasure they give.

If you would like to learn of the best ways to grow and save seeds, I recommend The Seeds Savers  Handbook  by Jude and Michel Fanton, the very dedicated founders of the Seed Savers  network in Australia. This valuable reference book will tell you how to grow over 100 food plants. You might also like to subscribe to Seed Savers, which will bring to you informative Newsletters a year which will inspire you into gardening action and saving seeds. web www.seedsavers.net email info@seedsavers.net

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