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Sweet Fruit Root ~ A Dieting Wonder ~ 23/09/07

(Polymnia sonchifolia)

A member of the daisy family, it is also called Apple of the Earth. And, although it is a root crop, the tuber tastes similar to a sweet, crisp apple. I enjoy digging the root, washing it under the garden tap and enjoying it fresh in hand. The plant is hardy and fast growing to 1-2 metres high, and in summer it has masses of yellow flowers that look like mini sunflowers. The large edible roots develop from the centre and can weigh from 500 grams to 2kg. These edible tubers can be removed from the bush by fossicking at the base of the plant. They are eaten fresh, made into juice, and added to savoury or sweet dishes.

Roots are 9% protein with a high content of essential amino acids; a very high content of potassium (2230mg per 100 grams of root); and also very high in calcium, magnesium and iron (in fact 4 to 5 times higher than most others foods in our daily diet). Sweet Fruit Root is a source of fructose that enhances digestion, particularly the digestion of carbohydrates and has a thermogenic effect, thus helping the body to burn calories. The tuber has inulin properties that are beneficial in stabilising sugar levels. It is an ideal food for people dieting and for diabetics.

Tubers are soothing and nourishing to the spleen, stomach, lungs, pancreas, kidneys and liver. Many people eat the tubers regularly as a food to give energy to the body, and as a strengthening tonic to the whole body.

Isabell Shipard

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