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Sweet Leaf Bush ~ Survival Food ~ 21/10/07

(Souropus androgynus)

Is my favourite salad green. The leaves taste similar to sweet, fresh garden peas, and for this reason even young children can be easily coaxed to eat their greens.

It is a perennial bush 1-2 m high, that will thrive in a warm position in the garden. It could also be grown in a large pot. This plant is a valuable survival food for every garden.

Research has shown protein of the leaves to be from 34-39%, and the calcium and potassium content are also very high. The leaves provide an excellent source of chlorphyll, which is a valuable blood building element and cell rejuvenator.

Sweet leaf has strong antioxidants. The plant has featured for treating diabetes, fatigue, anaemia, cardio-vascular diseases, increasing bone density and for cancer treatment. The herb has been a folk remedy for snoring and teeth grinding.

Isabell Shipard

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