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Use Medicinal Herbs ~ Benefit Your Health ~ 23/12/07

There are so many herbs that we can grow and use for medicinal benefits. Even culinary flavouring herbs, have many therapeutic actions.

When we pick herbs to use fresh each day to use for flavouring or as a garnish on meals, our lives will be enhanced; as the cells of the body love the vitamins, minerals, living enzymes, and alkalinity that herbs provide.

Herbs contain many powerful antioxidants that act to clear free radicals and toxins from the body.

Use herbs for their beneficial prophylactic (preventative) action.

Herbs can be made as tea, and drunk hot, or cold. In summer it can be most refreshing to drink a chilled herb tea. Some of the therapeutic herbs can be dressed up by adding a flavouring herb, like mint, lemon grass, lemon myrtle, or lemon balm.

Combinations of herbs for tea that I often serve at the Herb Farm to bus groups are:

* Cinnamon leaves, alfalfa leaves, fresh ginger and orange peel and this is a most enjoyable tea hot or cold; it is always very popular

* Nettle and lemon myrtle, a valuable health promoting tea

A great way to get a variety of fresh herbs daily is to add the chopped fresh leaves to breakfast cereal.

Over my homemade muesli, fresh fruit in season and fenugreek sprouts, I add chopped herb robert, gotu kola, brahmi, sweet leaf, and sheep sorrel, topped with kefir whey. This is a great energy giving breakfast, and by using the fresh herbs first thing in the morning ... I know I have done something really good for myself for the day.

Isabell Shipard

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