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How can I use HERBS in my daily life?
Bill Mollison

Founder, The Permaculture Institute

"Australia has waited 20 years for her first home-grown herbal, but here it is at last!
Isabell has always been the source of plants and advice for many of us, her admirers. We can be proud of her encyclopaedic work (Acerola to Yucca) on plants, which includes a vast reference background, as well as practical advice.
"Shipard on herbs" is destined to be one of those foundation books that will be in print for the next century. Buy one for yourself, and your grandchildren."

Geoff Lawton

Director, Permaculture Research Institute, The Channon, NSW, Australia

"In all the places I have travelled and worked in the world as a Permaculture designer and teacher, I've never met anybody who has such a depth and diversity of knowledge of individual plants, their functions, cultural uses and the growing conditions they require as Isabell Shipard.
This book is destined to become a classic reference for everyone who needs to understand all the vital characteristics of herbs, for medicinal, culinary and functional uses.
In the quest for sustainability, we are lucky to have such information available in explicit detail."

Lynnette Webby

Life-change Consultant and Researcher, Sunshine Coast

"This is an impressive book. The real breadth and depth of Isabell Shipard s experience combined with detailed and extensive research makes this a very rich and empowering book.
Giving you most practical and accessible ways to actively participate in caring for your health, it is a highly valuable source of guidance and help."

Christine Bennett

Full-time Carer, Sunshine Coast

"Staying healthy is important to me. Many people, who make an intelligent decision to take responsibility for their own personal health and wellbeing, value the holistic approach to health care. This comprehensive herbal handbook is an indispensable reference tool. Whether you need a textbook on herbs, a handy survival manual or a practical guide to growing herbs, this book is it! You will love this book, it will inspire and motivate you to use the knowledge, to get growing, and reap the benefits of a living, sustainable, food supplementation and first-aid kit - in your own backyard. Be prepared to change your lifestyle, increase your savings, to have a healthier family AND to enjoy a great read!"

Commendations for

How can I grow and use Sprouts as living food?
Ella Hayes

Australia Health Mission, Melbourne

"Isabell’s book is life enhancing and belongs in every health professional’s library and in every household, in every country.
Her out standing research and practical information will help to protect from degenerative diseases (e.g. cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, chronic fatigue, to name a few).
Adopt the pro-active health approach, now and reap the rewards of a life time of good health and vitality. Look after your greatest asset, your body. One's Health is One's Wealth. The Choice is Yours, Choose Wisely."

Geoff Lawton

The Permaculture Research Institute

"This book is the best reference I have read for live food, through the easy, convenient production of sprouts, which are possibly the ultimate compact health food.
The information Isabell has researched is always extremely detailed and very accurate and this book is a must for anyone wanting to improve their health and vitality with live sprouts."

Christine Bennett

Hath Yoga instructor, Sunshine Coast

"I am inspired again! Sprouts are living foods, capable of regenerating vitality: rich in nutrients and economical. We can all benefit with the information this book provides.
Find out how simple it is for EVERYONE to grow sprouts quickly and easily, try this - it works! Then, get ready to relax your busy lifestyle, stretch your savings and enjoy better health.
For every soul who wants a health body, this book is for YOU!"

Commendations for

How can I be prepared with Self-Sufficiency

and Survival Foods?
Bill Mollison

Founder, The Permaculture Institute

"Once again, Isabell has put together a very helpful book. A book that will help us to act together, for survival in emergencies, such as surround us today. Many of us have tried, at all levels, to alert people to the critical state of the nation , due to global warming, low levels of all fuels and drought.
To grow our own food always has taken us less time than to shop for it! People, in the end, get what they choose, and to me at least, chasing life and food seems only sensible. As usual, Isabell has put in your hands, a manual that helps that aim. She has all my support."

Geoff Lawton

Director, Permaculture Research Institute, The Channon, NSW, Australia

"This is an essential book for everyone who intends to make a serious effort to survive any food crisis. It is full of the most detailed and valuable information on a great diversity of survival foods, and how to produce them.
Isabell has the greatest knowledge of reference and experience on this subject that I have ever known or met in all my travels, teaching and consulting on permaculture around the world. You need to buy this book for the security of your family."

Christine Bennett

Maroochy Greens member, Sunshine Coast

"Within the spectrum of concepts presented in her book, here is a very useful survival manual , packed full of practical ideas in true Shipard style... like aloe tooth gel, seed-saving tips, and how to use edible weeds. You will find many budget-saving ways to conserve resources and deal with climate change.
Be prepared for the future... and enjoy Isabell s light-hearted memoirs."

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