Death by Civilization


Death by Civilization
by Dr Peter Baratosy
The book is largely about the Metabolic Syndrome (otherwise known as Syndrome X) as well as conditions and life style changes that have developed in western society. These changes are killing us and could lead to our extinction
223 page A5 size ring bound book

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Death by Civilization

by Dr Peter Baratosy

A5 size ring bound book

book excerpt
Death by Civilization is a dramatic name to call a book: the cover is also very powerful; and I will not apologise for that. This was done on purpose, as I needed a title that makes people stand up and take notice, a title that really gets into your face, because the topic I will discuss is so critical to the survival of the human race. This may sound extremely dramatic but in reality, it is that critical.

I have to be controversial…. Perhaps even to scare you: hopefully this may get you off your bums and do something about it.

Unfortunately, fear, though a great motivator, will not achieve anything in the long term. Knowledge, on the other hand, WILL make changes.

Together, they could work even better!

There are two levers for moving men …. interest and fear.” Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821

There are many things I will repeat and I do this on purpose. Hopefully, this will reinforce my message, so if you get bored, or annoyed at seeing, or reading the same thing, then sit up and take notice.

Hopefully, here is a book that will motivate you enough to start to do something; to help yourself, your family and the people you love.

What is this big issue? Dramatic as it may sound: we may be talking about the demise of mankind: – not from some outside source, a rogue asteroid hitting the earth, or nuclear holocaust, or pollution and global warming, or even alien invasion (though who knows, any of these may occur) BUT from something as simple as the way our body has reacted to the “civilized” diet and life style we have adopted.

The key is the hormone INSULIN.

Insulin is a normal, natural hormone, essential for our survival. The problem, however, is that the unnatural western diet and life style causes our bodies to over-secreteinsulin; which in the long run can cause an insulin resistance and subsequent disease …. DISEASES OF CIVILIZATION.

About Dr Peter Baratosy… The Alternate Doctor

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