Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods!


Isabell Shipard’s Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods! course on DVD
2 DVD Set, Total Running Time 3:47
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Isabell Shipard’s “Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods!” course. on dvd

Isabell Shipard’s Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods! course on dvd
2 DVD Set, Total Running Time 3:47

‘Be inspired to fill your garden with Self Sufficiency plants and Survival Foods.’
On September the 30th and again on October the 1st 2011 Isabell Shipard held her last full day course on Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods. 2 days full of information and over 200 attendants, it was a huge success.

“It is far better to be a visionary and be prepared, now, than to be totally unprepared, when faced with difficult or devastating challenges.”
Isabell covers many topics such as:
* How to be more Self-Sufficient
* Edible Weeds
* Bush Tucker Plants
* We all need Food Plants
* Planting a garden withFood Potential
* Sprouts are Living Food… at their very best!
* Seed Saving is vital to our Survival
* Storing Foods
* Herbs are Powerful

To get the most out of Isabell Shipard’s Self Sufficiency courses on DVD, it is recommended to also have Isabell’s Self Sufficiency book “How can I be prepared with Self-Sufficiency and Survival Foods?” as the course gives a visual learning experience, but cannot in a few hours give all the information that is valuable about the plants.
In this course Isabell covers valuable information, which every person will find practical for daily living.

Prepared-ness is like a spare tyre. We all have a spare tyre in our car, because flat tyres do happen. The same is true, of surviving an emergency, disaster, food shortage or economic downturn.

Planting a garden with food potential is one of the most valuable things we can do.

We need to encourage one another to be as self sufficient as possible… now… in our gardens, as this is the most nutritious fresh food and cheapest way to live in these times of rising prices. Growing our own food is very satisfying as well as beneficial to health and well-being.

Being self-sufficient is not just living on less it’s about increasing our quality of life while decreasing our dependence on money, fossil fuels, and consumer-ism. By creating a more sustainable future, we can view the future, more positively. Positive vision breeds enthusiasm, which also breeds action.

“I do encourage everyone to be prepared with an action plan.”

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