Affiliate FAQ

  1. What is the best way to add affiliate links to my website?
    1. The preferred method. In your Affiliate Portal>Ads>CREATIVES you will find HTML codes that you can copy and past into the pages of your web site.
    2. In your Affiliate Portal>Home you will find Your Affiliate Link, that you can then share in emails and social media.
    3. Or In your Affiliate Portal>Ads>LINK GENERATION you can enter any URL from this site in the form to generate a referral link, that you then use with your own text.
  2. What products can I make commission on?
    1. Commission only applies to the sale of the following books and dvds.

      How can I use HERBS in my daily life?
      How can I grow and use Sprouts as living food?
      How can I be prepared with Self-Sufficiency and Survival Foods?
      Self Sufficiency and Survival Foods!
      Living Food at it’s Best!
      Wonderful World of Herbs!
  3. How much commission do I make?
    1. 5% on the sale price of the above Books and DVDs
  4. How do I get paid?
    1. You will be paid through your Paypal account that you provided during sign up.
  5. When do I get paid?
    1. When your commissions total $10 or more for a given month, you will receive payment in the first week of the following month.
  6. How long will my leads last?
    1. You can make commission on a lead up to 3 weeks after the initial link is clicked.
  7. Will I get paid commission if the product is refunded?
    1. There is no commission paid on books and DVDs if they are refunded.
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