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Boost your Brain with Chia

Boost your Brain – April 2018

Are you looking to boost your brain and improve overall wellness? Below are some excerpts from Isabell’s writings about some plats that you may like to know more about. Chia and omega-3 fatty acids Research on chia done by Dr.

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bread topped with honey kefir fenugreek sprouts and nasturtium flowers

Turmeric: A Natural Antifungal – Feb. 2018

Welcome from everyone at ‘Shipards Herb Farm (herbs-to-use.com)’ and ‘Herbs are Special’. The new year has been very busy and we are excited to share these great specials with you.   Turmeric: A Natural Antifungal After reading “The Yeast Connection” by

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Christmas food ideas

Great Christmas Food Ideas – Nov. 2017

Everyone from ‘Shipards Herb Farm’ and ‘Herbs are Special’ would like to welcome you to our new websites and newsletters – Christmas Food Ideas. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly Christmas again. It has been a busy year for the farm.

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