Mushroom Plant

Moku, Tani, Aimbe

Rungia klossii F. Acanthaceae

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Perennial, thick clumping bush, to 1 metre, with a glossy, darkgreen leaf canopy. Ovate-shaped leaves to 8cm long, form opposite on soft stems at node-like segments, 3-8cm apart. Leaves can have yellow markings, which actually are in the area of veins. Bright blue, lip-like flowers to 1cm long, form in a 2-row racket 2-3cm long, opening intermittently.

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Mushroom Plant
Mushroom Plant

Leaves are extremely rich in chlorophyll, therefore, valuable for blood cleansing and building. Mushroom plant leaves have 3% protein (higher in protein than mushrooms); calorie content 33 per 100 grams of leaves, calcium 272mg to 100 grams of leaves (this makes it extremely valuable as a food, as the calcium content is considerably higher than most foods). Other known high sources of calcium in foods are: kale at 249 (p248), almond 234, soybean 226, parsley 203, dandelion leaves 187, watercress 151, chickpeas 150, horseradish 140, sunflower seed 120, wheat bran 119, broccoli 103, fennel 100, spinach 93, lentils 97, raisins 62, Chinese cabbage 43 … which shows us that the mushroom plant is considerably higher in calcium. The plant is also considered to be a rich source of vitamin C, beta-carotene, iron and other vitamins and minerals.

For people who suffer from candida, thrush, and similar ailments and are not able to eat mushrooms due to the fact that they are a fungus, they will find they can enjoy the mushroom plant to their hearts’ content, as it is not a fungus. Regular picking is recommended, as this keeps the plant bushy and productive. The plant has excellent potential to be developed as a commercial crop as the stems and leaves carry well when cut.

The mushroom plant is an amazing flavour treat, rich in health-giving nutrients. It sure is a novel way of growing your mushrooms and eating them too, and still having your bush to produce more and more. The old saying “have your cake and eat it too” is a reality with this unique plant!

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