Make herbs a part of your survival plan

There are few tasks as rewarding as growing and using herbs in our daily lives.

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Herbs are fascinating plants to grow and each has its own traditions and folklore, as well as medicinal uses, and many have been documented for over 5,000 years. Even after all these centuries, we are still finding new uses for herbs. Numerous people have shared with me the wonderful benefits they have experienced, using herbs.

The following account is an email from North Queensland; Emmanuel wrote, I am writing to share with you my experiences using comfrey. I enjoyed reading on the website of your books, the information on this herb. I really enjoyed it because comfrey is my number one herb. Comfrey saved me a lot of pain. You see, I had a duodenal ulcer when I was 18 and, although I went to many doctors and specialists, they never cured me with their medicine. I had this ulcer for 14 years until I was 32 years old. Then, I obtained some tapes by an Englishman, Lawrence D Hills, and discovered how good comfrey was. Later, I bought a book called ‘Grandmother’s secrets’ which gave a recipe on how to make a comfrey tea to heal ulcers. So, I obtained a comfrey plant from a friend and made this decoction from the comfrey roots. I used three pieces of comfrey root the size of a medium carrot. I scraped the black skin, like you scrape carrots; grated the roots with a large-holed cheese grater, put it in a saucepan, and added 1 litre of water. I brought it to the boil and simmered it for about 5 minutes, let it cool for 10 hours; then, strained, and put it in a container. The pulp went back into the pot with another litre of cold water, and I just left it to soak for another 10 hours. I strained it, added this liquid to the first batch, and kept the mixture in the fridge. I drank ¾ of a cup, before meals, 3 times a day (it was suggested to take it 5 minutes or more before meals). I started drinking this comfrey tea and within 3 days the pain started leaving. This batch lasted about 6-7 days, and by the end of the seventh day I had no more pain. I am now 67 years old and I have never suffered with an ulcer again. I thought I would share this with you, as you might like to share it with others. I have made this and given it to at least five other people, who told me it worked, miraculously.  The above incident is of one person telling another the details of how this herb has helped them. That is what herbal folklore is all about … passing it on. And herbs are amazingly multi-functional. As Sue, who loves herbs, said, Herbs can help anything from a broken leg to a broken heart! 


Herbs, have been given to us by our Creator, for our health and healing. Herbs have very powerful properties to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system. Health is a dynamic expression of life. We all need the protection that herbs can give in a ‘toxic’ world. A television report on 19th November 2007 highlighted the fact that 2 million Australians don’t have proper access to doctors. Who would want to be without proper medical care in an emergency situation? But, is it the task of the Government to assume total responsibility for our health and wellbeing? While modern medicine provides the best options for actual emergencies, doctors tend to focus on treatment using pharmaceutical drugs. It is now known that the over- prescription of antibiotics may be the undoing of this key asset of medical science. I believe it is far better to focus on prevention.

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Why not be self-empowered and use herbs for health and healing? Herbs have so many valuable components:

* Rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, antiseptic and antibiotic properties.

* As seasoning in food to add flavour and aid the digestion.

* Contain pain relieving, cleansing, healing and rejuvenating properties.

* Valuable alkalising benefits.

* Herbs have electrical vibrations that harmonise and help fine-tune the vibrational level of our cells (the body finds it hard to identify with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs which can have an acid- forming effect).

* Herbs contain unique substances called phyto- chemicals that help the body in a variety of ways – some strengthen the immune system, others eliminate free radicals that damage DNA, while others protect against heart disease and help to rid the body of cancer-causing substances. Many researchers believe that using herbs, regularly, for flavouring food will provide the benefits of these disease-fighting substances. Fresh herbs are best because they are the most flavoursome and contain the most phyto-chemicals, and living enzymes. Dried herbs are still quite effective and can be used; and, if dried and added to stored survival foods, these can also contribute to wellbeing.

* Herbs can play a positive role in pro-active health care when used daily; we all need to make a daily commitment to attain the best in health. We need to learn all we can about herbs and their uses to help prevent many diseases of man, so prevalent in the 21st century.

Be aware that herbs are not wonder drugs. However, their effectiveness is based on a gradual action to restore the natural balance of bodily functions. Some herbs may assist the body to heal quite quickly; while, generally, herbs produce a beneficial effect after more consistent use.

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